this months showcase

The Good Doctor
by Dr Lance O'Sullivan
Passionate, brave, free thinking,
Lance stood up when no one else
would. NZ best seller. A must read.


With a father like mine
by M.O. Chamberlain
With a Father Like Mine is a book
that will stir the soul and provide
inspiration and a ray of hope
to all those suffering from family


Stuff I forgot to tell
my daugther

by Michelle A'Court
Liberated from the daily minutiae
when her daughter left home,
Michele A’Court suddenly found
the time she’d never had as a parent
— to think about being a parent.



For the love of horses
by Kelly Wilson
Three sisters and an
unforgettable journey to
tame New Zealand's
Kaimanawa horses.


Dictionery of slang in NZ
by Noel Kelly

Yeah ...nah - getting a grip on Kiwis
jibber-jabber can be hard slog.But
author Noel Kelly isn't one to shy away
from doing the hard yards and has taken
a tiki tour into the wop wops of slang.


  For the love of...
  by Karena & Kasey Bird
  There is something in here for
  everybody from everyday
  favourites to more glamorous