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Francis Bacon: The Measure of Excess

An intimate insight into the life and work of Francis Bacon, written by Yves Peyre, a close friend of the artist. This comprehensive monograph details Bacon's artistic journey, from his early design work in the 1920s to his disturbing, emotive triptychs of the 1980s. Tormented, twisted, and jarringly dissonant, Bacon's divided vision of the world swung between civilisation and barbarism, beauty and ugliness, life and death. His study of classical culture and western mythology led him to depict darkly sublime worlds of violence and madness that intrigue as much as they evoke visceral disgust. This monograph begins with a biography, relating the life of Francis Bacon, his stories and inspirations; before delving into a sharp analysis of his work. Peyre's personal connection with Bacon makes Francis Bacon a detailed and touching story, inviting the reader on a philosophical, poetic and artistic stroll through the artist's mind. AUTHOR: Yves Peyre is an author and librarian, having worked as the Director of both the Jacques Doucet Literary Library and the Sainte-Genevieve Library. He is a published poet, and is known for his book In Appeal of Faces: drawings by Henri Michaux. SELLING POINTS: A thoroughly illustrated monograph of Francis bacon by a personal friend of the artist An exceptional collection of Bacon imagery, reproduced to the highest quality Approximately 160 images, including major works such as Three Studies for a Crucifixion, assembled in a beautifully designed book Biographical information presented alongside in-depth art analysis 130 colour images