Marston Moor

At Marston Moor we specialise in home and office essentials. A bit of a strange mix you may think but we strongly believe people should aspire  to a better work life balance. While you consider a new shredder for the office let us inspire you in the home and living space as well. There is more to life than work!

Marston Moor is a member of  Kai Kora Group, a family owned farming business started in Kaitaia in 1964. We diversified two decades ago into retail as a response to the declining retail space in our local town.

Investment and provision of services based on population size we considered lazy thinking and decided to prove it didn't have to be this way. Since then we have successfully grown to become one of the largest retail groups in the Far North all based from Kaitaia including selling a wide range of appliances, furniture, and electronics at our Folders store.  

How we did this is a story for another day but fundamentally we put our customers first and every reasonable request is answered with YES.


"To deliver great products at great prices but with local community service and values, nationwide." 


Anne Walker



The essential cog! Picks up the pieces and makes everything work after the other three make changes. Responsible for the administration, customer service, the buying team, and anything else we can think of.

Ian Walker



The in-house workaholic! Future's strategist and the main cause of looking at what's next. Responsible for marketing strategy and implementation. Occasionally drives a tractor when farm staff need help.

Alex Walker

B.Eng(Hons) MBA

Group General Manager

The systems guru! If you want something to go from A to B whether its farm water networks or online sale fulfilment processes. Alex is responsible for general operations and implementation of Group strategy.

Dr Chris Walker

B.Eng(Hons) PhD

Technical Manager

Our cool Geek! Creates the technical innovation around all our online activity. Responsible for the smarts needed to deliver the best possible online experience to our valued customers.


Product features



We provide a wide range of books from popular fiction to all sorts of non-fiction titles with an emphasis on New Zealand books and publishers. We like to support our own!


Office Supplies & Stationery

We have quite a range of stationery and office supplies. Like everything we do we try to deliver what you need at the best possible price in the market. We love beating those BIG corporates!


Home & Living

We have a huge range of kitchen and home products. We curate our range based on what you want rather than what we can get better profit from. Our philosophy is a customer for life rather than a short term sale.