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Addictive - An Artist's Sketchbook: Adebanji Alade's Sketches of City Life

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4 payments of $12.49

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Praise for The Addictive Sketcher: "It's impossible not to be carried along by his enthusiasm and the sheer dynamism of his work. Although this is carried out for the most part in the field, it's remarkably polished and a lot more than just quick notes. There's an element of improvisation - a jazz-like tone - and Adebanji certainly has a natural ability. If you share his love of drawing, this is a book to embrace as well as learn from." - The Artist magazine Adebanji Alade is one of the UK's most renowned artists - and he's addicted to sketching. Inspired by the sights and sounds of London, he travels around the city filling his sketchbooks with drawings of people, places and scenes of contemporary urban life. Showcasing one of Adebanji's inspirational sketchbooks in its entirety, and with a fascinating introduction to the way he works, this unique visual record of everyday city life also offers a compelling insight into the creative process of a modern urban sketcher.