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Harmony Korine

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Herzog to Instagram-happy teen fans of 2013's popular Spring Breakers. In his first major monograph, the cult auteur gathers together his most significant projects, spanning film, writing, and art. Korine rose to prominence as an enfant terrible after penning Larry Clark's infamous film Kids (1995) at the tender age of 19. In the years since, Korine has worked with a circle including Chloe Sevigny and Gus Van Sant on critically acclaimed cult classics including Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy, Mister Lonely, Trash Humpers, and Spring Breakers, as well as the lauded street-art documentary Beautiful Losers. In addition to his collected screenplays, the director has published A Crack-Up at the Race Riots, an artistic take on the choose-your-own-adventure novel. Korine's creative practice extends to photography, drawing, and most recently, figurative painting, attracting the notice of industry heavy hitter Gagosian Gallery. This compact and comprehensive collection will be the first to reflect on Korine's career to date, and will mark his massive influence on indie culture over the last twenty years. Essays by film critic Emmanuel Burdeau and curator Alicia Knock will trace common themes through his film and art works, connecting Korine's interests in exploitation, self-indulgence, and the surreal quality of contemporary life.