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Icon Remanufactured Canon PG512 Black Reman Ink Cartridge

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Icon Ink Cartridges are designed to give outstanding performance with your inkjet printer from the first page to the last. They offer outstanding print quality and give professional looking documents and photos at an economical  value per page.  They are quick and simple to replace and a staple for any office. Black. Page yield 400 pages. Compatible with MP480,MP240,MX330,MX320,MP270,MP490,MP250,MX340,MX350,iP2700,MP280,MP495,MX360,MX410,MX420.

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Customer Reviews

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alan knight
Who would have thought it possible?

So there I was, out of printer ink. I thought 'Oh No! This is terrible! All these things I need to print and not a drop of ink left? What shall I do? To whom should I turn?'
So I shoveled some sea coal into the boiler, and got my 'web browsing machine' up to full steam. Within mere HOURS an answer was found. A merchant there was, that claimed that he could, for a modest price, send me the item I lacked.
I vouchsafed to the merchant some key details regarding my finances and the deal was done. A few weeks later a Lascar of villainous aspect arrived at my door.
'Don't kill me! I shrieked, mistaking him for Akbar the Terrible, a man pledged to my destruction but hampered by his total inability to read a map.
'I wasn't going to,' insisted the swarthy ruffian, 'I have simply brought you a very tiny parcel. Here, take it so I can get home to my family.'
With trembling toes, I unwrapped the parcel. Nestling within was a tiny jeweled skull and a note which read, simply, 'May a strange and bloody curse be upon ye! Maybthy vitals shrivel and rabid stoats feast upon thy foul carcass!'
Why my Mother insists on sending me such items is a mystery, but it seems to keep her happy.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, the following day my new printer ink arrived and I sang for joy as I fitted it into my machine and tried it out. 'Oh Tempora! Oh Mores!' as that Roman chap observed. Truly we live in Utopia these days, when even the most simple tasks are so easily achieved.