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India Travel Map

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4 payments of $3.74

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The India Travel Map from Periplus is designed as a convenient, easy-to-use tool for travellers. Created using durable coated paper, this map is made to open and fold multiple times, whether it's the entire map that you want to view or one panel at a time. This 3rd edition includes maps and plans that are scaled to: City Plans: Central Delhi 1:25,000 Mumbai & Juhu 1:45,000 Central Mumbai 1:15,000 Bangalore 1:30,000 Panaji 1:20,000 Agra 1:50,000Area Maps: India 1:7,000,000 Delhi 1:200,000 Mumbai Area 1:200,000 Rajasthan 1:2,250,000 Goa 1:300,000