Ornella Civardi SKU: 9784805316214

Japan in 100 Words: From Anime to Zen: Discover the Essential Elements of Japan

As its title suggests, this book explains the essence of Japanese life and culture with 100 words. From well-known concepts like zen, kawaii and anime to their lesser-known counterparts waiting to be discovered by the West, Japan in 100 Words covers it all. Readers will learn more about 100 topics that showcase iconic symbols and their importance in Japanese life, including: Chochin--decorative lanterns seen everywhere from shrines and temples to izakaya Fugu--the very carefully prepared delicacy of poisonous blowfish J-pop--the now widely popular musical genre Karoshi--literally translated as "overwork death" Omiai--the Japanese version of an arranged marriage And much more! The beautiful full-color illustrations bring these ideas, places and objects to life--making it the perfect addition to any Japanophile's library or a fun and useful introductory guide for a first-time visitor to Japan.